Preaching Mission

To spread the message of Guru Granth Sahib across the globe and with a mission of world peace and harmony for the welfare of entire mankind, Baba Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa keeps on touring places to give discourses. He has used every mean to reach places from Horses to Helicopters. During his preaching missions, apart from Indian sub continent he has visited almost all major countries in the world including USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Malaysia, Singapore etc.


Baba ji says that God Almighty has created this universe and has ordained man to seek truth through different paths. He asks people of all religions should come together at a common platform to work for the welfare of mankind though they can follow their respective religions separately.


Baba ji in his discourses asks devotees to overcome the distinctions of caste, creed, nationalities, and ethnic origin to raise the flag of humanism everywhere in the world. He says that it should be our aim to help the poor and the needy. We should propagate the values of humanity, humanism and surrender to the Will of God in our life. He also organise Amrit Sanchar (Baptisim), Naam Simran programs and ask for renunciation of drugs and social evils.


After listening to his discourses abroad thousands of lives has been transformed and they are working towards the path guided by Baba ji i.e. universal brotherhood and human welfare.