Social Activities


Social Activities

Though Sant Khalsa Ji keeps busy in meditation and recitation even now, ISSKF under guidance of Baba ji is carring various Social Service Projects. He particularly advises the young generation to read Gurbani and follow the path of Sikh Panth. He helps them in the de-addiction and advises them to surrender before Sri Guru Granth Sahib in order to become ideal human beings. Baba Ji has dedicated his life for the welfare of the entire mankind.


Following activities are being conducted by International Shiromani Sant Khalsa Foundation (ISSKF), Tapoban, Dhakki Sahib, under the noble patronage and guidance of Baba Ji:

  • De-addiction Centre
  • Movement for Gurmat Propagation
  • Dispensary
  • Old Age Home and Orphanage
  • Baba Budha Sahib Association of Sikh Preachers (active for the training and motivation of Sikh Preachers)
  • Voluntary Groups undertake visits of villages, towns and cities propagating the principles of Gurmat everywhere and helping people to give up superstitions, orthodox belief and ignorance and making people baptized, thus seeking the refuge of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  • International Sant Khalsa Academy
  • Cow Shelter
  • Gurbani Study Centre and Kirtan (Holy Singing) Institute
  • Voluntary Service of many gurudwaras, temples and mosques
  • Shiromani Sant Khalsa Dal (Regd.) (dedicated to the propagation of Khalsa tenets and traditional activities depicting the glory of the Sikh Panth.)
  • Shiromani Sant Khalsa Library
  • Recording Centre (Audio & Video)
  • Shiromani Sant Khalsa Magazine (Monthly)


Besides these voluntary groups engaged in social activities like blood donation camps, eye camps, de-addiction camps, and other medical camps.