About Organisation

International Shiromani Sant Khalsa Foundation (ISSKF),Tapoban Dhakki Sahib is a nonprofit organization geared towards restoring human values and bring people from varied social, economic, geographic, cultural and religious backgrounds together and promoting self-reliance. Our goal is to lead people’s hearts to God, to join them with God. Sometimes that can be achieved through external social service, sometimes through devotion or an emphasis on meditation or through gyan (dispersing knowledge of the truth). We provide an opportunity through our programs of personal development to encourage the practice of human values in everyday life. These programs of community education foster greater awareness of the shared values among the diverse cultures. The ISSKF is active in more than 10 countires and have offices in Canada, USA, Australia and India.

To name a few programs, we run drug de-addiction center (12000+ people have already benefited), Blood donation camps (we are pride record holder of world’s biggest Blood donation camp with more than 5202 units donated in a one day), Environment and wildlife protection/awareness camps, Run Dispensaries, Amrit Sanchar campaign, organise Eye and Health care camps, campaign for respecting the elders & fostering universal brotherhood & world peace.


Goals and Objectives

Tapoban Dhakki Sahib aims to:
  • Spread education, social equality, secular ideals, love, peace, social harmony and world peace.
  • Create respect for all other religions and love for human beings Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians.
  • Propagation of the path shown by Sri Guru Granth Sahib. & make Gurbani available in each language.
  • Establish educational institutions and libraries throughout the world.
  • Work for the protection of environment and provide a better environment to all living beings.
  • Open hospitals, de-addiction centers, meditation centers, rehabilitation centers, centers for the welfare of the disabled and the orphans, and old age homes.
  • Serve all irrespective of the distinction of caste or creed & make every effort to give the peace of mind to people.
  • Motivate people to realize the Fatherhood of God and to understand the divine origin of man.
  • Organize blood donation and eye camps.
  • Encourage the worship God Almighty as the Creator of all living beings and work against superstitions, orthodox beliefs, and hypocrisy.
  • Emphasize the devotion of God and attainment of spiritual bliss.
  • Try to remove all social evils including addiction.