Bhagat Sain ji

bhagat-sainSAIN, whose one hymn has been included in the Guru Granth Sãhib, is counted among the disciples of Rãmãnand (1300­1411). Guru Arjan, Nãnak V, says in one of his hymns in the Holy Book that the name of Sain was a household word as a bhakta of rare devotion (GG,487). In another, hymn, he refers to him as an example of dedication to the service of holymen. Bhakta Ravidàs in a sabda in the Guru Granth Sähib ranks Sain with Nãmdev, Kabir, Trilochan and Sadhnã in piety (GU. 1106). According to Bhãi Gurdäs, Sain was the disciple of Rãmänand and he had adopted him as his preceptor on hearing of the fame of Kabir (1398-1518) who, too, was Rãmãnand’s disciple. All accounts agree that Sain was a barber, some stating that he served at the court of the king of Revã, then called Bändhavgarh, in Central India, while others hold that he was attached to the court of the ruler of Bidar in South India. Those supporting the South Indian tradition believe that Sain was a disciple of jnãnadeva. What is the best àrati or form of adoration of the Lord is the theme of Sain’s pada incorporated in the Guru Granth Sãhib. According to Sain singing of His praise and meditating on His Name constitute the highest worship. These alone will ferry one across the fearful ocean and bring him liberation.


There are two varying accounts of bhagat Sain’s life. Some people hold that he was an employee of the ruler of Bidar and a faithful devotee of Saint Gyaneshwar. But according to the popular tradition he was a barber who served as a personal attendant under Raja Ram, the ruler of Bandhawgadh.

Bhai Gurdas, who regards him as a follower of Gosai Ramanand says that under Kabir’s influence, Sain the barber became a bhagat. His nights were consecrated to a loving adoration of the Lord while the days were devoted to the humdrum duties at the King’s darbar. Bhagat Sain as been classfied with the other greater bhagats in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib,

With thy grace, O Lord I were redeemed
Namdeva, Kabir and Trilochan
As were Sadhna and Sain.
Guru Arjan writes,
Jaidev has abandoned ego,
And, Sain, the barber, has been redeemed by serving the Lord.

Deeply interested in bhagati, Sain was always found in the company of the holy. Once a member of sadhus gathered together and went on reciting kirtan throughout the night, thus preventing Sain from attending to his work. Next morning when he went to the Raja and apologise for his absence from duty. The Raja remarked that he had done his job well.

Sain was overwhelmed with gratitude that God came to his rescue. The Raja realised that he had reached to such a elevated stage that God had sent someone else in place. Thus the Raja and his entire family became the devotees of Sain.
Shabad by Bhagat Sain in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib
Sri Sain:


With incense, lamps and ghee,
I offer this lamp-lit worship service.
I am a sacrifice to the Lord. || 1 ||
Hail to You, Lord, hail to You!
Again and again, hail to You, Lord King, Ruler of all! || 1 || Pause ||
Sublime is the lamp, and pure is the wick.
You are immaculate and pure, O Brilliant Lord of Wealth! || 2 ||
Raamaanand knows the devotional worship of the Lord.
He says that the Lord is all-pervading, the embodiment of supreme joy. || 3 ||
The Lord of the world, of wondrous form,
has carried me across the terrifying world-ocean.
Says Sain, remember the Lord,
the embodiment of supreme joy!

Extracted from Gurbani De Racheta by Abnashi & Gurvinder Singh
Excerpts taken from Encyclopedia of Sikhism
by Harbans Singh .
Published by Punjabi University, Patiala


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